Visa fullständig version : Shops with mossa

2010-02-06, 08:19
I went into 4 aquariumstore yesterday here in Norrköping and asked for an aquariummossa. Two presented me proudly with nice brown ( :roll: ) javamossa. The other two just looked at me like this: :shock:

When asked if they have some other sorts of mossa, some didn't even know there ARE other sorts beside javamossa :woah:

Do you have the same problems at your local stores ? Is it really only possible to get different sorts of mossa in large shops in Stockholm or Göreborg ? Or online ? I am slightly irrited and will search plantswap now.


2010-02-06, 10:27
www.aquamoss.de (http://www.aquamoss.de)

2010-02-06, 11:01
Yeah, I found them too. But their leveranstid is 2 weeks :-( I would prefer to buy or order in Sweden.


2010-02-06, 13:28
You can try whit Tradera, there use to be peaple who sell mossa there :D !

2010-02-06, 18:30
Plantswap is brilliant for all sorts of plants! cheap to;)

2010-02-06, 20:51
Thanks for the tips. I put up an annons in Plantswap. I am planning to have a moss wall (at least partially) at the back of my new 200l aquarium. I will need a LOT of moss for that :-) And definitely NOT javamoss.