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Ämne: Assassin Snails (clea helena) exchange for shrimp/moss/plants?

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    Assassin Snails (clea helena) exchange for shrimp/moss/plants?


    I have a very healthy family of assassin's in my aquarium so figure it's time to spread them out into the world! Wondered if anyone has any shrimp of any kind or possibly moss balls (for example) they'd like to offer in exchange? Pics below:

    I have some Cherry Shrimp but the numbers are a bit low so would happily take more cherries or any other similar shrimp, if you have some make an offer for x snails / x shrimp and if it sounds good we'll figure it out! I could also use a couple of small moss balls for the aquarium, normally in our apartment we have two small aquariums, wife has one in her home office and I have one in my home office, in our summerhouse we combine the two with a little divider, looks like this:

    If anyone wants some for free (except for the postage) that's ok too

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