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Ämne: Gorontalomoss,Towutimoss, Sulawesimoss

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    Gorontalomoss,Towutimoss, Sulawesimoss

    Anthoseros sp. Towuti, Anthoseros sp. Gorontalo

    Hej allihop !

    1) Gorontalomoss (Anthoseros sp. Gorontalo)

    Size: up to 6 cm
    Water temperatur: 22°C - 25°CAt higher temperatures it turns brown.

    Should be kept in "soft" water with low KH/GH. The Gorontallomoss comes from the slightly cooler streams leading to the Gorontallo-Lake in Sulawesi and not from the actual lake itself. It thrives in normal warmwater aquariums but should not be put into special Sulawesi-aquariums. In

    3) Towutimoss (Anthoseros sp. Towuti)

    Size: up to 6 cm
    Water temperatur: 22°C - 25°C. At higher temperatures it turns brown.

    Very robust moss from the streams leading to Lake Towuti in the south of Sulawesi. It loves oxygen-rich, soft water.

    Warning: The moss was in transport for a couple of weeks until it got to me. Thus is was largely brownish. In the future I will make sure that I get the moss much faster. I have had the moss almost a month now and it has slowly started to show signs of improval (moss always takes time) but I need the aquariums for other things. The moss is still rather brownish.

    My offer:A large handfull of the moss of your choice for 20,- SEK plus the porto costs plus heatpack (20,-).

    The Towuti has some algae in it. The Gorontalo has new sprouts.

    So if you want the opportunity to try and nurse these specialty mosses back to health, here is your chance. I spent nearly 100,- for one portion of moss, so you will get them very cheaply.
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    jun 2009

    Mina räkor

    Kardinal, White pearl, Bee, Crystal (nominatformen)

    Jag är på. Har tid och möjlighet att försöka få tillbaks mossorna till bra skick. Borde gå att skicka även nu med heatpack och bra isolerad förpackning.


    Nothing happens until something moves (Einstein).

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    Now some photos.
    Bifogade bilder

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