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2011-07-25, 09:20
Mix 200ml vatten with 2g Agar Agar (Asia Shops have that usually). Heat until boiling, then take off the heat. When it has cooled down a bit (OBS: it cools down FAST!), mix 2g Spirulina Powder (100%), and 20g frozen Artemia into it. Stir well.

(You can also use 1g Spirulina and 1g Nannochloropsis salina/Chlorella powder.)

Dip some stones into the mix and lay them to the side so they can dry. You can also spread out the rest of the mix, wait until it hardens to jelly and then cut cubes and freeze them.

Put a stone into your Sulawesi aquarium and watch :D (Other räkor love this too).

Rezept by Carsten Logemann.

2011-07-25, 09:29
Bra recept faktiskt, men mina räkor även om jag inte har sulawesi får fryst upptinad artemia emellan varven och dom blir som galna, det blir fullständig kallebalik i karen:lol::lol:, de får även ursäkta mej:oops: räkmix i bland då jag ger fiskarna det och även det är populärt:D!

2011-07-25, 09:32
coolt! va smart!
Ska definitivt testa!

How thick should the agar layer be on the rocks? Im guessting the cooler the agar mix the thicker the film will become on the rocks...
Will it rot if too much food is on the rocks and dont get eaten? (Maybe you can just remove the rock after a while?)

Janne Johansson
2011-07-25, 10:55
här är mer intressant läsning för er med Sulawesiräkor. Använd google translate så funkar det skapligt


2011-07-25, 11:04
Jaha du jag försökte översätta men fixade inte det Janne:( kan du möjligen fixa en länk som redan är översatt kanske:roll: snälllllla;):D??

2011-07-25, 16:27
Try to keep it a thin layer. The stuff is like gelantine. I put a stone in a cube and it was clear the next morning. What the räkor do not eat, the snäckor will.


Tomorrow I will try a bacteria stone (also discussed in the thread Janne posted).

2011-07-25, 22:38
i tried it today, didnt really have any scales so i eyeballed it. And I also added some baby shrimp food and crushed dry shrimps.
although, i used slate, so the jelly didnt stick that well unless the whole stone was covered. But it fun to make non the less. and the shrimp like it.