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2012-10-24, 17:18
On the 21 Oktober 2012 I was in Sindelfingen/Germany for a photoworkshop with Chris Lukhaup. It was wonderful.

Chris brought his photo aquarium plus some shrimp and his flashlight set-up. Then he patiently explained to us all about light and picture composition, he took time for each of us to go through our camera settings together, showed us how to get the shrimps in a good position and what can be done in photoshop afterwards to make the photo perfect.

All in all it was a great day. We had great fun, laughed a lot, ate a lot of muffins and learned a lot about macrophotography. Chris was very friendly and patient.

And now I can really take photos of räkor... :lol:




2012-10-24, 17:32
Wow Jen this is great. Ask him to come and visit us in Sweden.

2012-10-24, 18:21
Jättefina bilder Jen:thumbs:!!

2012-10-24, 20:54
wow, vilken härlig dag du måste ha haft! :)

Sanna Karlsson
2012-10-24, 21:43
Jättefina Jen, nu får du lära oss hur man gör ;)

2012-10-24, 22:16
Åh vilka underbart fina bilder. :) önskade att jag också kunde ta sådär fina kort. :thumbs:

2012-10-25, 07:15
Gud vad kul det lät. :)
Kanonfina bilder du har tagit :thumbs:

2012-10-25, 07:56
It really isn't all that difficult to take photos like this. You need a spegelreflex kamera, a 100mm marco, extensionrings, a studioblixt plus softbox (gärna 400W), and a stativ.

And of course a photoaquarium. Now I expected a whiteglass aquarium, highly stylish and clinically clean...

...and here is Chris' photoaquarium that he uses to take all his great räkphotos: